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Sound Entity Studio

Founded by Ron Wells (PKA Jack Smooth) in 1989, Sound Entity Studio was used by many household names in the underground dance music scene. The studio is mainly known for pioneering the 'Jungle Techno' and 'Intelligent Drum & Bass' genres.
The final setup below was eventually disbanded in 1997.

Sound Entity Studio : 1989-1997


Roland JX8-P 
Roland SH-101 x 2 
Roland Juno 106  
Roland MKS-70  
Roland JV-1080 
Control Synthesis Deep Bass Nine 
Korg Wavestation A/D 
Korg 01/W 
Novation Bass Station  
Novation Drum Station 
Yamaha TG500  
Ensoniq ASR10 


Boss SE50 - Multi FX 
ZOOM 9010 - Multi FX 
ZOOM 9120 - Multi FX 
Ensoniq DP/4 - Multi FX 
ZOOM 9030 - Multi FX 
Electro Harmonix Small Stone - Phaser 
Boss - Super Phaser 


Allen & Heath GS3 32 Track Mixing Console
(powered by custom PSU by James Henriot of Whest Audio) 

ATC SCM 20 ASL Pro monitors 

Panasonic SV-3800 DAT Recorder 

In 2005, after 8 years away from music, Ron started thinking about composing again. He bought a Roland Fantom X workstation with the intention to create music library ideas on a simple setup. Given his passion for synthesis that setup was unlikely to remain simple for long, hence the list below.

Sound Entity Studio : 2017


EMU Proformance+
Ensoniq ASR-10
Korg Radias
Korg M3 + Radias
Korg O1R/W
Korg Wavesstation
Nord 2X Rack
Novation Ultranova
Roland MKS-70 + PG800
Roland MKS-50 + PG300
Roland Fantom X6
Roland Fantom G6
Roland Integra 7
Roland SPD-30 + TM2 + pads/cymbals/pedals
Waldorf Blofeld x 2
Yamaha Motif XS Rack


Auralic Aries Mini
Fostex AC2496 (16ch)
iConnectivity mio10
Lucid GENx192
Roland MC-300 Sequencer
SPL Frontliner (Lundahl)
SPL 2Control
Steinberg Cubase 9 Pro - mixed 'In The Box'
Steinberg Wavelab 9 Pro
Tascam DA-3000
TC Electronic Konnekt 48
TC Electronic Digital Konnekt X32
Van Damme / Neutrik X-B (wired throughout)

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